The Cherry Cricket

The Cherry Cricket is bred to highlight the most desirable traits found in two ancient Cannatonic Cross breeds of            Z6 and  Z7

Berry Blossom... a long convoluted story goes along with this strain. Originally dubbed and sold as Berry Blossom, this strain was sold to countless growers around the world with correspond COAs, only to recently be discontinued by the company who sold it, due to a mix up in names. While This Mystery Blossom is touting a COA of 14%. The terpenes of this mother capture the cherry terpenes that are truly unique to the Cherry Afghan. This Berry Blossom pheno increases yield and vigor of the of the current version Z6 available on the market today.

The Wife used for this Feminization project was pheno hunted by Cloud Co, boasting COA numbers of 19.56 CBD at .03% THC. This plant yields a high amount crystal laden spears while turning beautifully pink at maturity.

The Cherry Cricket
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